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Free Dinner Delivery
MealPal is 50% less expensive than other delivery providers and 100% as delicious.
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MealPal cost reflects the 20 meal plan and the $9.99 delivery plan. MealPal savings require a MealPal membership. MealPal ordering is only available at select times. DoorDash, Seamless, and UberEats prices reflect what was displayed on sites in April 2021. Tip reflects the default tip suggested by each site. All are based on a delivery to the same address in Manhattan.
Save as much as 70% on restaurant prices.
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Pick up is always an option, but we’ve got FREE delivery for when you want it.
Insane prices, Unlimited options
Meals are served every weekday, excluding holidays.
In the U.S. and Canada, tax and fees are additional.
Restaurants MealPal
Producing healthy meals, made from whole ingredients is a core value of our business.

MealPal provides us a powerful channel to reach guests.

Head Chef at Everytable, LA
How MealPal Works
Order for yourself or the whole family. MealPal is smart, affordable and convenient
Choose from hundreds of meals each day.
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Pickup without the wait or delivery without high fees!